Shirley Wood

" I'd rather be a hammer than a nail.

Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would".

Shirley Wood 2014:

Line up:

Ivan Leirvik: guitar & vocal

Helge Fl√łtre: drums

Thor Erik Larsen: bass

Juri: guitar


Shirley Wood


It began in 2004 with Ivan and Helge that would start up a new project, with music that had been too difficult technically or "weird" for former fellow musicians. They were joined by Thor Erik from the Ms. Pedersen on bass. Even in its most structured forms people claimed that the music was weird and hard to get. Eventually, the band has built up a small fan base that has a taste for twisted musical trails, and a somehow ragged but energetic style.


Today is 2014, and many fellow musicians have come and gone. Latest stem musician Juri on guitar who now lives in Trondheim.

With the use of several guitars again, Shirley Wood explores new possibilities and expands the musical universe the band has created.