Inviting friends and family to help out recording my music


I often invite musician friends to jam sessions or to lay tracks on my recordings. That is the main reason the material on this page doesn't fit into the Shirley Wood "field". I also like to be creative in other ways and need a little extra space on my own ...







This is one of my favorite jam sessions that I have recorded. It's recorded live using 2 overhead-mics plugged into a HD recorder. Musiscians that evening were: Ivan Leirvik (guitar & vocal), Roar Almli (drums), Thor Erik Larsen (bass) and Bjørn Sundklakk (synth).

Tunes: 3six2, HoChi, HoChi edited (mp3)






Using internet as a tool for creativity makes the music-making even more fun. 

Tunes: Ke (viola): Trollmor. Popeye-X (everything except guitars): Urb. Ob (everything except guitars): Sleep Mud





These songs were recorded sometime between 2000 until now, with various musicians. Recorded on a Roland VS-1680 HD-recorder, Roland 2400CD HD-recorder, Zoom H4 or directly on PC. © All songs made by Ivan.

Tunes: Musical Box in Dixieland, Swing time, Out in the Country, Kind of Blue, Where have they gone?, We'll get there, Bad Apples in a big Bowl, I'm Waiting, Where did it go?  





I wrote some songs, played guitar and did some (backing) vocals in Fatigue in 1996 - 97. We recorded 1 demo and 1 CD. The CD was named Lies and Yellow Liquid and was recorded in the summer 1997, at Skansen lydstudio. The band: Ivan Leirvik (guitar & vocal), Ole Eilif Jensen (vocal), Ole Martin Tallmo (guitar & vocal), Marius Holthe (drums), Arne Frisvold (synth), Jørn Olav Solli (bass) and Henrik W. Berntzen (harmonica, steel pan, grunts and fakir show). 

Songs: Lake of Dreaming (mp3)





I founded a new band after Fatigue together with Arne Frisvold and drummer Marius Holthe. We had several bass players with us. Stig Jøran Rygg (bass) recorded with us.

Songs: Nick, One Day in the Park, Behind the Station. (mp3)





The video clips

I use mobilephone camera, webcam  or the video function on my digital camera to shoot ugly moving pictures. Then I open Vegas 5 on my computer and mess up the clips and adds ugly music that doesn't go along.






My friend Almanzart (Philippe Giroux)Philippe Giroux

Philippe Giroux is a painter living in Matane, Canada. - "I was making a short movie of the work's progression consisting of all the photos I took during the Summer when Ivan Leirvik sent me his latest piece of work. It was called "Bad apple in a big bowl". I immediately thought this beat could be the perfect soundtrack and asked if I could use it - He accepted."


The Swamp mpg or wmv






About me:

I love being creative. But being an amateur I don't get enough time to be picky on my material. It's all about having fun and making life more interesting.



What do I do?

I write lyrics & compose music. Play guitar and sings (and a little keyboard, bass and other misc. instruments when needed).

I used to record using a Hard Disk Recorder, but now I record using my external soundcard (ESI ESU1809)  directly connected to the PC or my  Zoom H4 for live recording. I don't have the very best equipment but I try to compensate using my  two good ears



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